Staff & elders

  • Doug Wieber, lead pastor; elder

    Doug is a man of many passions, especially a passion for God’s Word. He believes the truth of the Word speaks to both our heads and our hearts. With God’s help, Doug endeavors to communicate how God’s Word is real, how it impacts lives, and how it can and should make a difference in the way we live.

    Doug also has a passion for the church of Christ, which he says is not about programs but about relationships. He believes we each need a personal relationship with the living God and relationships with each other. The church family is often where our relationship with God is tested. If you ask Doug to describe His Place Church, his response is typically this: We are real people, with real problems, encountering a real God, and finding real solutions! Those who know Doug also recognize his passionate heart for the lost; that is, anyone who doesn’t yet know their Savior, Christ Jesus. He desires all to know God personally—to really know Him and love Him.

    The church at His Place appreciate Doug’s gifted teaching of the Word, which is aided by his years of biblical ministry experience, instruction at Moody Bible Institute, personal study, and teaching in public schools. His use of real life examples (many personal) and humor (sometimes quirky) enliven his messages and help drive the points home.

    Doug is a Licensed & Ordained Minister with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA).  He is married to wife Linda, and together they have three adult children and 7 grandchildren and 1 on the way.

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  • David Smith, executive & Family Ministries Pastor

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  • Neil anderson, senior staff pastor; men's ministry director; elder

    Neil was born in Baltimore, MD and moved to Spokane, WA as an infant. He graduated from John Rogers High School. He attended Biola College for almost four years as a Greek and Bible major, and eventually graduated with a BA in Humanities from Eastern Washington College. He became a Christian at Fourth Memorial Church at the age of sixteen and was active in church and camp ministries. In 1965 he married Carol and they have four children, Heather, Daniel, Bruce and Wendy.  In 1970 they joined Wycliffe Bible Translators and in 1972 Neil and Carol left for Papua New Guinea and were assigned to work with the Folopa speaking people. They continued with that work, as well as having assignments in administrative areas, until 2005 when the Folopa New Testament was completed. The dedication for the New Testament took place January 16, 2007. In February 2007 Neil and Carol received the Logohu National Medal of Honour for their service to the country of Papua New Guinea.

    Neil has been a plenary speaker at Urbana Missions Conference in the US as well as other conferences. He co-authored with Hyatt Moore the book In Search of the Source, a Wycliffe publication. The book has been translated into a dozen languages and has been well received.

    Neil served as the senior pastor of Fourth Memorial Church in Spokane for almost four years before being called to serve at His Place Church in 2013.

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  • Don Anderson, senior staff pastor

    Don’s heart for Family Ministries is a natural outgrowth of his heart for men who don’t feel they “fit” in church. Why? Because he felt that way himself for many years, until he discovered that “religion builds fear, but relationship builds faith and hope.” Faith and hope changes hearts, and men with changed hearts can effectively be “pastors of their home,” their God-ordained position in the family.

    Don and his wife Cindy ("his bride”) married in 1973 and have three married daughters and twelve grandchildren. You often see Don and Cindy working together to support each other. Both their hearts’ desire is for a person’s spiritual journey to draw and lead their physical journey. They desire to see the passion for Christ outweigh self-centeredness.
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  • charlene kretz, Women's Ministry Director

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  • Jason Brownlee, student ministries director

    Contact: 208.819.2205

  • Melinda Mattfeld, Children's Ministry Director; reception

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  • Dia Hill, Worship Arts Director

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  • Cindy Anderson, Business Manager

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  • AShley Thurman, Lead pastors Assistant

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  • giles webberley, technical & media producer

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  • Brian & Alisha Davis, middle school ministry

    Brian & Alisha have been involved with Middle School Ministries at HPC since 2015. They have 5 children and a BIG heart for kids and serving in ministry!

  • brett bernard, elder

    My wife (Marcia) and I moved to Spokane from SoCal (yes, another Californian…) in the summer of ’95.  We have been blessed with two amazing daughters (Melanie and Nikki), and new son in law Aaron (Melanie’s husband).  We left a lot of friends and family so I could follow a new career opportunity.  Transplanting was pretty difficult for us.  We were invited by some friends to attend HPC the following summer, and we have called it our church home (and church family) ever since.

    I was raised in an amazing Christian home, and grew up knowing what the ‘right’ thing to do was, in most situations, but knowing more of God, than really knowing God Himself.   Over the years, God has drawn me increasingly closer to Himself.  I finally really got it, and my desire is that others form a personal relationship with Him a lot sooner in life than I have.

    As an engineer, I battle a constant desire to ‘fix’ things – to have, and execute a good plan (but sometimes these plans are mine, not His).  What I’ve learned over the years, is though He has gifted me in some ways, it is pretty easy for me to become carried away and not listen to, or hear Him.  He needs to calibrate me quite often.

    I really enjoy golfing, but I’m terrible.  God hasn’t decided to gift me in that part of my life yet…..   I am a work in progress, and appreciate that God is so patient with me.

  • gary johnson, elder

    We started our journey together 40+ years ago by being “just friends” for a while and then getting married --- so, so, so in love!  Karen and I were inseparable.  Looking back on that time, it was a really great time where I definitely knew that I had the better deal . . . and obviously that hasn’t changed!  Just look at the picture!  What we didn’t realize was that we were in a great relationship that was destined to become so much greater once God entered our world in a very personal way.

    Although at that time we both would have said “Yeah, we’re Christians,” we didn’t have a clue in the beginning.  Having come from different church backgrounds, we had agreed that we would work toward finding our own church right after we were married.  Three to four years into our marriage, that still hadn’t happened.  It wasn’t until we moved to Liberty Lake, close to the church Karen had occasionally attended in her “growing up” years, that we visited our first church together. 

    Before we knew it, God was messing with our marriage and challenging me in areas I didn’t want to hear about – spiritual stuff!  Then before I knew it, Karen wanted to go on a marriage retreat for a whole weekend – on Super Bowl weekend of all things!  Long story short – it was the weekend where we were introduced to the God Who put us together.  I discovered that God’s desire was a personal relationship, not rules and religion like the church I was raised in.  God had been drawing both Karen and I to Himself, patiently, so patiently.  Karen and I were living for ourselves, happily satisfied with our meaningless, self-indulgent life.  Little did I realize how much better our marriage could be by doing it God’s way, the beginning of a new legacy.  We are so grateful for God’s overwhelming grace as He’s grown His blessings to include five great and Godly children (ages 24-35) with five great and Godly spouses, raising eight incredibly wonderful grandchildren (ages 2 months to 8 years) – most of whom live within 10 minutes of our home at Liberty Lake.  God has turned the 2 of us into 20 and counting! 

    Karen and I are amazed at how God has gradually and patiently grown us up and taken us on a great journey that led us to a love relationship with Him and each other that was beyond what we could have ever imagined back in 1973 “BC”.  We’re “best friends” now, not “just friends” and are gradually getting closer to being the “one” He intended that we be.  The take-away is that our God is still so patient with us as we continue doing life our own way.  Forgetting and even ignoring the true joy and freedom that He has to offer, we continue to somehow act like we know what’s best!  We thank God that He doesn’t just slam the door shut and give us what we ask for and what we deserve.  God has taken that “great relationship” that Karen and I were in back in ’73 and is leading us to a much greater “great relationship” with Him!

    I enjoy playing golf despite my score and I love tinkering with old cars.  Karen still likes anything to do with hanging out at the lake.  Together we love to explore those slow windy roads in our ’75 TR 6, top down of course – or – on our ’71 Triumph motorcycle.  Ya just gotta love those old leaky limey British machines!  They make me smile big.  I love to date my “Schweethardt”.  She makes me smile bigger!  WOW, how God loves me and that makes me smile bigger yet!

  • Royce Hershberger, elder

  • Patrick Poole, Elder

    Pat & Margaret met in the 8th grade in Medford, Oregon and remained friends until they graduated from high school. They established a lasting relationship  as they began corresponding by mail while Pat was away in the Navy. After Pat was discharged from the service, they were married.

    Pat Served for 27 years as a member of the Oregon State Police at various locations around the state. He retired from law enforcement in 1999, having served as the commander of the patrol office in Portland, the Director of a statewide division and then as a member of the National Security Division of the FBI in Washington D.C.

    Margaret had become a follower of Christ while a teenager. Pat became a Christian early in 1969. The dynamics of marriage, a new career and raising three daughters gave the couple ample opportunities to rely on Jesus.

    The family was required to move several times during Pat's police service. Pat has been privileged to serve as elder in two churches they attended over the years. Most recently, he served in an operational and spiritual leadership role at Koinonia House, a Christian ministry in Post Falls. Margaret has also been involved in touching the lives of others. She has been teaching the Word of God in women's ministry for several decades. The couple has taken part in leading small groups in each of the fellowships they attended.

    All three of their daughters live in North Idaho. Pat and Margaret have twelve grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

  • Jason jerman, elder

    I was hired on with the Forest Service as a firefighter when I was 18 and I continued to hold various roles in federal wildland fire management around the west until 2010. Currently I am the silviculturist on the Coeur D'Alene River Ranger District of the Idaho Panhandle National Forest.

    In the Spring of 2005, I met my beautiful and beloved wife, Stefani, while coordinating an environmental education outreach at Camp Four Echoes, a Girl Scout Camp on Coeur D'Alene Lake. The Lord has blessed me richly through her; in our friendship, our marriage and most of all by using her to introduce me to Him.

    I was particularly cruel to people who didn't measure up to my "performance standards". I was covetous, adulterous, and prideful amongst many other things. But God, through the Holy Scriptures, convicted me of my sin, convinced me of God's grace and convinced me of Jesus' eternal leadership. I confessed my junk and received Jesus as my Lord and Savior in July of 2005. Praise God for His persistent pursuit and saving grace! I still love God's wonderful word to this day. My goals are to love the Lord more wholeheartedly, to become a more godly husband and father, to build up the church with the gifts he gives, and to show and tell the love of Christ wherever I am more courageously.

    As of February 2017, I have been married to my beloved Stefani for ten years, eleven in October; our children: Valerie (oldest), Zyana and our 3rd was born in June of 2017.

    Hobbies: hunting (ducks, chukers, deer, elk, in particular), fishing(anything that has gills and fins), canoeing, hiking and occasionally playing with longbows. I love to do all of these things and many others with my wife and children.

  • Gary Giltner, Elder