Upcoming events at hpc

  • Annual meeting & potluck, communion family service

    January 27 is Communion Sunday. This is a family service so there is no Sunday School for kids 4 and up!

    The Annual Meeting is immediately after 2nd service. Please bring a main dish and a side or a dessert to share!

    Pick up Elder Evaluation Forms in the lobby

  • moody bible institute ~ intro to prayer: Communing with the triune god

    Cost is $100 & part of a 2 year online certificate program beginning Feb 2.

    Learning to pray is the proper starting point for the study of theology. As Evagrius

    Ponticus, the fourth-century Christian writer, said: “He who prays truly is a theologian;

    he who is a theologian prays truly.” This conclusion is echoed in modern statements

    such as: “We must learn to speak to God before we can learn to speak about God.” This  

    class is the first in the Certificate in Christian Ministry and the Certificate in Prayer

    programs of study.

    This class is designed to give students a basic introduction to the history, theology, and

    practice of prayer in the Christian tradition. In the first class session, we will learn the

    inspiring story of the role prayer played in the revivals since the First Great Awakening

    in the mid-eighteenth century. Subsequent class sessions explore the theological

    framework of prayer, survey the liturgies of the ancient and medieval church and the

    prayer books of the Reformation traditions, and study the prayers of the Bible as a

    pattern for our own prayers. Following this class, students will be able to evaluate the

    dynamics and health of their personal prayer lives and be prepared to lead corporate

    prayer services.

    Syllabus link, click here

    Sign up at hpcevents.org

  • Communion sunday family service

    We do communion as a family at His Place Church. We have nursery through 3 years old that day ~ no Sunday School for 4 years and up. Communion is held quarterly.

  • VBS

    We are looking forward to VBS 2019!!!    June 25~28

  • 2019 summer camps!!!

    Middle School Camp July 29 ~ August 1

    High School Camp August 5 ~ 9

    For more information contact jason@hisplace.org