Upcoming events at hpc

  • 2019 summer camps!!!

    Middle School Camp July 29 ~ August 1

    High School Camp August 5 ~ 9

    For more information contact jason@hisplace.org

  • moody bible institute ~ The Acts of the Apostles: Christian Mission ~ Beginning June 15

    Cost is $100 & part of a 2 year online certificate program

    Jesus Christ stands as the central figure of the entire Bible, and his crucifixion and resurrection stand as the central event of God’s revelation in the Scriptures. This is a Bible survey course that examines the prophecies about the messiah in the Old Testament and the fulfillment of these promises in Jesus the Christ in the New Testament. The course introduces the fundamentals of the gospel. Following this course, the student will be able to outline the entire structure.

    Syllabus link, click here

    Sign up at hpcevents.org

  • Quarterly Family meeting and potluck

    Watch for upcoming dates! 

  • VBS

    VBS 2019 was so much fun, we are looking forward to 2020!!!

  • Communion sunday family service

    We do communion as a family at His Place Church. We have nursery through 3 years old that day ~ no Sunday School for 4 years and up. Communion is held quarterly.