Young adults/college group   (ages 18-30ish)

As young adults, we are at the stage in life when we get to decide what we truly believe and who we want to become. Our core beliefs will then influence us throughout the rest of our lives. Perhaps the biggest question for young adults to consider is, "Is there absolute truth?" If the answer to this question is "Yes," then the primary pursuit of our lives is to find that truth and begin to live by it.

Young Adults/ College Group Meeting Now Thursdays, 6pm

Location: Contact David Smith for details     208.777.9654

Men's ministry

Men want to be men! Too many men think becoming a believer means losing our manhood. This is not true. God calls us to be more of a man than any calling in this world. Being a godly man is being a true man. This does not mean putting down our wrenches, guns, bows, or guitars. It means using those things and living for significance not success. This also means loving our wives as Christ loved the church, pastoring our families, and entering into real relationship with other men to deal with issues only men have.

We invite you to join us and ask: What does it mean to be a man of God?  

For more information contact: Neil Anderson - Men's Ministry Director:  208.777.9654

  • men's bible study groups - get serious about getting into the word!

    Tuesday Morning Group, 6-7am @ His Place Church

    Tuesday Study, 11am Moon Dollars,  609 N Syringa, Post Falls

    Tuesday Evening Group, 6:30pm @ The Rocket Bakery, 3315 N Argonne, 

    Spokane Valley led by Neil Anderson

  • men's breakfast fellowships - fellowship, food, the word, and prayer

    ALL men are invited!

    Mid-Week - Every Wednesday morning, 7-8am, @ the Breakfast Nook

    Hwy 53, Rathdrum, ID.

    Saturdays - 2nd & 4th Saturdays of each month at 7am, in the Multi-Purpose Room at His Place Church

  • Man camp - Annual retreat

women's ministry

The Women's Ministry of HPC is all about relationship with each other and with God. We have a heart for every woman of HPC to have a sense of connection & friendship with other women in our community. More than events to attend, we offer many opportunities to get together and grow. 

For more information contact: Charlene Kretz - Women's Ministry Director  208.777.9654 or

  • women's bible studies

    Tuesday Mornings 9:30-11:30am beginning Fall, 2018

    or Evenings To Be Announced

    Childcare is provided for Tuesday morning study only.

    For more information, contact Charlene Kretz:     208.777.9654

  • Simply Prayer

    Weekly time of prayer. Pray with us, bring a friend, & come when you can.

    Wednesday Mornings: 10-11am, Classroom N2

    Contact Lyn McLean for info:

  • HPC Women's retreat 2018

    2018 @Rosspoint in Post Falls, ID

  • Postpartum Kits for Ethiopian Women

    The HPC Women's Ministry participates in this project, sending Birthing Bags to our women friends in Etheoipia.  These bags are given to the women just after giving birth and are filled with essential items that they would not have otherwise. 

    Contact Georgia Franklin with questions:

    Needed items: Thin, worn washcloths or towels and flannel shirts. (9x9 size, if possible)